The Team

Heikki Rinne, MBA, PhD

Founding Partner of Sitoumus LLC

Heikki founded Sitoumus LLC to harness his extensive business and academic experience, specifically to empower engagement in leaders, organizations, and individuals.  Heikki’s experience has shown that highly engaged employees will improve company performance and increase the wellbeing of the employees, as well as improve customer satisfaction.   Heikki is convinced that individuals and leaders can learn to develop engaging corporate cultures, and significantly increase organizations’ success. Sitoumus LLC was specifically developed to help leaders to become more engaging, and individuals to become more engaged.

Before founding Sitoumus LLC in 2017, for thirteen years Heikki served as the CEO for Halton Group Ltd., a global high technology ventilation company, with operations in 34 countries. Heikki also served as the CEO of eFruit International Inc., and as a President of Halton Systems Ltd.  Heikki continues as a Board Member for Halton Group, and currently serves as a member of the Board of Trustees for Wasatch Advisors of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Prior to his business career Heikki worked as a Professor at leading US universities, including Pennsylvania State University, Purdue University, and Brigham Young University.  He also served as a Dean and a Professor at California State University, and has taught at numerous Executive MBA programs in the US and in Europe.

Seppo Rinne, MD, PhD

Founding Partner of Sitoumus LLC

Seppo is a practicing pulmonary and critical care physician and scientist whose research is focused on the impact of engagement on performance and outcomes in healthcare. He completed his clinical training at the University of Washington and he underwent formal medical informatics training at Yale University.  Through the Yale School of Management, he also participated in the Executive Leadership Program, which applies business principles to healthcare. He is currently an Assistant Professor at Boston University School of Medicine.

Seppo has published dozens of peer reviewed articles that address employee engagement, teamwork, leadership, and other organizational factors influencing healthcare delivery.  He is co-founder of the American Thoracic Society Wellbeing Collaborative, a national organization that promotes education, research, and organizational change initiatives that support clinician well-being.  In his work with Sitoumus LLC, he hopes to apply core principles from his healthcare research to the broader business community.

Timo Rinne, M.A.

Business Development Manager at Sitoumus LLC

Timo works full-time handling all of the day-to-day and long-term operations at Sitoumus.  He completed his master’s degree in Economics at Vanderbilt University. Before taking on his role at Sitoumus, he  worked in Economic Development and investment banking operations.

Timo understands the consequences of having a disengaged team.  Through his work with Sitoumus, he hopes to make a meaningful impact employees’ well-being and help organizations become world-class places to work.