The Process


Every employee has an engagement profile, which measures their engagement in their work across five variables.  These are engagement with: their company, team, leadership, customers, and individual work. We work with employees to identify which of these factors they are most engaged with, and help them establish a long term plan to work on the areas in need of the greatest improvement.


Leadership bears real responsibility in facilitating employees’ engagement.  Leaders must not only lead by example, but also commit to the principle of continuous improvement in their teams’ engagement.  By creating mechanisms for open communication and protecting time to work on engagement-related goals, leaders can become the catalyst for an actively interested, productive, and satisfied workforce.


Real change in engagement requires real commitment from organizations to the process of continuous improvement, and the importance of having a highly engaged workforce.

Continuous Improvement

The biggest organizational and individual gains won’t be realized in a matter of days.  Sitoumus is committed to a process of continuous improvement. This requires employees, leaders, and organizations to continuously gather information and reassess their goals based on real experience.


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