The Opportunity

Engagement Matters – Organizations with highly engaged employees experience lower turnover, more productivity, and higher sales.

The Challenge

Only one-third of organizations have a workforce that is engaged or highly engaged.  This not only leads to chronic underperformance, but it exposes organizations to increased operational and financial risk.

The Solution

Engagement is not an individual issue.  Employees, leaders, and organizations all need to adapt to create an environment that empowers engagement.

The Process

Sitoumus employs an ongoing process, backed by empirical business experience and academic research.  We empower leaders to be more engaged

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Managing the office as employees return to work can be a tricky balancing act. Here's some key things to consider...

#employeeexperience #peopleelement #workplacesafety

Balancing Acts for the Return to Work
Organizations need to be intentional about purpose, what they want their employer brand and culture to stand for, and communicate this well to employees. #employeeengagement #EmployeeExperience
"For reopening plans to succeed, employees are the most important part of the equation." #EmployeeEngagement #EmployeeExperience

You can’t say yes to everyone and everything — and do all of it well.

Organizations with highly motivated and engaged workers are 21% more profitable. @B2Community offers 13 effective ways to build motivation, #productivity, and #employeeengagement. #FutureofWork #career

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