The Opportunity

Engagement Matters – Organizations with highly engaged employees experience lower turnover, more productivity, and higher sales.

The Challenge

Only one-third of organizations have a workforce that is engaged or highly engaged.  This not only leads to chronic underperformance, but it exposes organizations to increased operational and financial risk.

The Solution

Engagement is not an individual issue.  Employees, leaders, and organizations all need to adapt to create an environment that empowers engagement.

The Process

Sitoumus employs an ongoing process, backed by empirical business experience and academic research.  We empower leaders to be more engaged

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Recent Tweets from Sitoumus
Disengaged employees cost businesses somewhere between $450 and $550 billion a year.
#NoJoke #EmployeeEngagement #EmployeeExperience
Engagement flourishes in high-development cultures, where employees are able to develop their strengths and purpose into a career. #EmployeeEngagement #EmployeeExperience
Don't only focus on high-level results from across the board. Data needs to be broken down into meaningful segments to identify an organization’s strengths and weaknesses, department by department, employee by employee. #EmployeeEngagement #EngagmentSurvey
When leaders create a high-engagement, high-development strategy that they lead by example, employee engagement stops being a program and starts becoming a way of life. #EmployeeExperience #EmployeeEngagement
"When colleagues felt like they shared goals, average loneliness scores dropped almost eight points." Shared goals and collaboration boost mental and physical health, as well as profitability and productivity. #EmployeeEngagement

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